• The Amazing Kreskin Haunts Nyack

  • Kreskin Reads Minds

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    What are the stars saying?


    "Even Now I Know What You're Thinking" - Kreskin

    “Every time Kreskin is here he astounds us!”

    “Kreskin is the best mentalist in the world.”

    - David Letterman


    “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! It’s a brilliant show…everyone knows it’s brilliant.

    I don’t think what Kreskin does is magic or tricks…I think he can really read minds.”

    - Howard Stern


    “The foremost mentalist of this or any generation.”

    - Bill Maher


    “It is a pleasure and an honor to have you on our show…I’m excited to have you back whenever you want!”

    - Jimmy Fallon


    “He’s either a scientific entertainer or an entertaining scientist.”

    - Mike Wallace – CBS


    “Kreskin…he’s the best!”

    - Larry King


    “Kreskin is tops. He’s the best in his field in the world.”

    - Regis Philbin


    “Kreskin is one of the most phenomenal men in show business history.”

    - Sammy Davis Jr.